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This is hard work

This is hard work

Sometimes I wonder if people have kids that grow and completely forget how hard the baby years are. They talk about how they miss the soft lamb beginning years and I try to look deep inside of their souls and send them a message that they are liars. I guess we remember only the good times (Thank you God and Jesus). That's why we can keep having these little cherubs. 

I mean, I get it. There is part of me that also wants to forget what it feels like to be sleep deprived. I mean, I already forgot (kinda) what contractions actually feel like (death). 

I've decided you just don't "get it" if you aren't IN IT. Guys. These baby years are the freaking trenches. 

Every single time I leave Ralphs, I am reminded of this. I am alone in this arctic, raw meat scented, gathering of food. No one else has a one-year-old darting across the dairy aisle, poking holes in soft cheeses and laughing and sprinting onward because he thinks I'm "chasing" him. How about a 3-year-old who has to POOP!!!! every. single. time she sees a new, unexplored restroom ("I wonder what color of soap they have, mama!?!"). I am not in my element here. I get at least one, "Wow, your hands are full!" judgment. Which can be translated as: what a poor, poor girl, such an unfortunate situation she's gotten herself into. 

I'm laughing and I'm serious as a heart attack. This is SO hard. Having babies is some of the hardest work in the world. I just want to validate that. I know some people "love" the baby stage and for those people, bless your souls. 

Reese says Drew should be an "arrow" for Halloween and that she asked every teacher at her school to rub her back because it makes her feel loved. She asks me to close the doors in the house gently. She has a doll that she named "Huloose" after Hulu. (We have a little TV addiction going on over here). 

I really do hope my feet are always tired. I think it might just be the best way to live. Whether you have babies or not, want them or not, work or stay home. I think the hard stuff is the best stuff. The hard stuff is what makes life good. Isn't that weird and horrible? 

Do something that you pour your life into. Something that challenges you and forces you to grow. For me, it's having kids because let me tell you..I am not a natural mama. I fight for it. I push through and cry because I can't do it anymore and then get back up again. 

Drew and I are reading "Rising Strong" by Brene Brown and it is changing our life. She talks about assuming that people are doing their best with their life situation. 

Do this. Assume your neighbor, that grumpy man in the bank, that crazy mama with her screaming baby, that annoying salesperson; they are doing the best they can. You never know what battle people are fighting and this world is really hard, so they are definitely fighting one. We ALL are. We all have our grocery store experiences where we feel like we are the only one. 

Hard work is good and really hard. 

Do your best and assume others are too. 

Don't be too concerned if your Brie has a few finger holes in the top; it's just baby fingers which most likely taste like poop and throw up and/or dirt. 

You are doing a good job. Have a beautiful day. 




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