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Welcome to my space. I write honestly about motherhood, finding joy, Jesus, not quite fitting in and embracing the mess. Grab a latte & let's skip the small talk. 



I love to hear what others are learning. Having a mama on my couch, free to be right where she's at. Growing/suffering/thriving/lost..in the midst or a victory story. 

I think daily about how we are all in process and we are all just trying to do our best with what we have. I've been singing humanity praises lately. So on this Monday packed with post rain beauty, here's what I'm learning. 

1. Find your sweet spot and rock it. Don't worry what other people's sweet spot is OR what they think of your sweet spot. My neighbor is an absolute saint. She grows pumpkins in her garden for my children...I mean, c'mon! She loves dogs. Adores them, they are her children. All breeds, she spoils them rotten and reads about them and takes hers on multiple walks and (unconfirmed) thinks they are greater than humans. She cried when my dog hurt his knee. Bless her sweet soul. Point is, she's a dog lover and aint no one getting in the way of that. She lives and breaths them and they make her come alive. My other friend LOVES her job. Just loves it. It challenges her and she's good at it. Her sweet spot. Sometimes I stress that my sweet spot is less than. That surely cooking a meal with my husband, running with my kids, toes in the sand, a mid-day bubble bath, getting lost in a book. Is my sweet spot okay? Enough. Yes, yes it is and so is yours. 

2. A good attitude goes a long freaking way. It seems like I notice this most while driving or in the check out line. There are people who spread joy like they have extra and then there are those that are apparently annoyed to be alive. I get it, we have bad days. But most of the time, most of the time we can help someone get their groceries on the belt, or let that car in front or simply ask a stranger how their day is going. There was a precious older man at Ralphs who kept letting people with less items in front of him. It was quite comical after he let the third person go ahead. It was a simple gesture but spoke volumes about what he believed in. 

3. You can't save people. Doesn't that suck? People will be breaking right next to you and you can offer what you have, but you can't fully rescue them. (Unless you are physically rescuing women out of the sex trade or something like that and you freaking go, I want to join you) A lot of times you can't change their situation and all you can do is make a pot of chili and listen. Feels helpless and I want to take the weight of the world on for them, but I can't. Thank God He has taken that for us. We are here to pour out the love as best as we know how. 

What are you learning? 

Enjoy today, 




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