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Love Bucket List

Heard the most beautiful sermon on Sunday. Admittedly, I often frequent church because there is incredible childcare and I can enjoy a third cup of coffee alone. 

 (Me sitting on the floor in the hall before church starts....taking selfies in public)

(Me sitting on the floor in the hall before church starts....taking selfies in public)

We have had our issues, but I do love and believe in the church. Every time (barely) make it there, something really good happens, even if it's just a solo restroom trip, can I get an amen?! I use soap AND dry my hands until they are dry. It's really a luxury, guys. 

This past Sunday, however, was one of those where Jesus had my number. I listened to each word of the message and something was happening. You know when you hear something and think how it might just change your life?!

Go watch the sermon here if you have time. It's worth the 25 minutes. 

In summary: We all want to live a significant life. Especially our generation, we want a life of meaning and world changing; the search for significance weighs heavily on our hearts. We ask the question, "how do I make the most of the limited time I have here on earth?" 

Our pastor explained what a significant life really looks like, he calls it "The Christian Bucket List." I like to call it the Love bucket list.

1. Pray 2. Love 3. Welcome 4. Serve

Those 4 things sound good and are easy to get behind, yes? Actually doing them is something different altogether. Loving someone unlovable. Actually really loving them?!?!?!? SO HARD. Opening my home without grumbling, praying for my enemies. It's not easy and I think those four are what Jesus prioritized when he was here. It's what God asks us to do. Da** it. Can I just love my friends who are awesome?!  Loving that neighbor who makes passive aggressive comments about my home and never looks me in the eye? Hmmmmm. 

These 4 are something I can do right where I'm at, starting with my kids and my husband..sometimes the hardest to serve and welcome and pray for and love without qualifiers. 

Challenge from Chris: Take at least one of these words and write a name by the word in the morning. For example, I am going to pray for ________. That night, revisit the word and name and see how you did. 

Sending love your way and a weekend full of something good. Even if it's just a nice solid, solo restroom trip. 




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