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Bad breath and how we're all the same

One of the dogs that has taken over our home came over and licked my arm. I sniffed where he licked and gagged. Why do I sniff things I know are going to be rancid smelling? I just don't understand myself. 

Anyway. I started thinking about breath and how it's the absolute worst. You guys. Every single person wakes up with nasty, rancid breath. Every freaking person. What?! Comforting and so, so horrible. 

Sometimes I forget how image driven Orange County is. Perfect people live here, guys. I just don't understand how every single person looks like a model and drives the newest Range Rover and has a nanny?! (Please let me in on your money tree).I realize how crazy it is when I leave. We spent some time in Oregon and I felt overdressed because I had lip gloss and shoes on. 

You guys, there is absolutely nothing wrong with nice clothes and cars. I personally dig them. I just want to let you know it doesn't identify you. It doesn't matter if you do or if you don't have the nice stuff/surgery/personal trainer/designer whatever. We are all human and all have bad morning breath. We have to stop compartmentalizing people. We have to stop saying he's worth more or she's worth less. We are all just humans. Amazing, beautiful, broken human beings. 

Next time you get intimidated to start running the race. To compete or fake it or be envious or wish you had a different face/butt/life. They have bad breath too, they are just like you. 

We all have stinky breath, everyone. We are all flawed. All searching. All in need of love and asking to be enough, to be okay. 

Love really does win. 

Bob Goff spoke at our church this weekend and I am so thankful that he is living his life full of love. I tell you what, I get SO amped when I hear him. Then I'm like o, wait. I'm me. I'm not him. I'm not a lawyer and don't have all the stuff..but guess what, I am just like him. 

I have the choice to love people or to judge them. You really can't do both.

I have the choice to tell people how far they have to go or how far they have come. 

I have the choice to cheer people on or be jealous of them. 

And so do you, because guess what? I'm starting to think we are all more alike than we think. 

Go love today and brush your teeth too. 






Practice makes perfect(ISH)