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Welcome to my space. I write honestly about motherhood, finding joy, Jesus, not quite fitting in and embracing the mess. Grab a latte & let's skip the small talk. 


Forgive yo self

 Me in all my imperfection glory.  

Me in all my imperfection glory.  

Part of being a good mom (insert your job/relationships) is admitting you can't be the perfect one.

When you realize you can't be the perfect wife, employee, mama..you open yourself up to forgiveness; forgiveness of self for mistakes. When you set yourself free from the "I must be perfect" mindset, you are free to give yourself grace. What are your values? Who do you believe in? What matters most to you in your life and chase after that. Perfection won't happen because you aren't Jesus. Try that for your mantra today ;) Trying your absolute best and hardest is what you do because your a good person. Failing is what you do because you're a human. Let us not be too concerned with "not messing up" that we become robotic and lose a sense of humanity. Let us be kind enough to ourselves to say sorry and admit we have some room to grow. Let's be kind enough to others to grant them that same forgiveness.

I'm hard on myself, I always have been. Perfection was my goal and I was not achieving, so I was a failure. I had really good days and then not so good. I could only do perfect for a bit until crashing down. With that can come a hard, closed off heart. I'm already so hard on myself, I don't need anyone else's opinion or accountability. I can rob life of the joy and put it in a small box that I can control and make seem perfect. 

I wonder where you need to let go. If you need to say sorry to yourself for expecting too much. To remind yourself that: you are human. To apologize and get up and carry on because we all make mistakes and we will again. I believe if we tippie toe around one another, we probably won't make much noise; we probably won't make much of an impact, either. 

I believe radical love is what we must have for one another, start by treating yourself that way. You will mess up on this, that's okay. It's hard to radically love people in process (hint:that's everyone). Grace and forgiveness is poured out for you in droves. Give it away and live out of it. Begin again.

Kind of like "treat yo self..." But "forgive yo self!"

Happy weekend, my friends...(to the tune of "stay thirsty, my friends..") I'm so sorry for the cheese. No one can be perfect! ;) 


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