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Practice makes perfect(ISH)

Why do underground pimples exist? Furthermore, why am I still getting them on my nose at almost 30?! Anyone? 

This morning I have a lot on my heart that I will no doubt be blogging about in the future weeks. This morning, however, I wanted to ask you something. 

What are you filling your bucket with? 

Sweet Bob Goff talks and his words have this staying power because they are fueled by love.  He physically had a silver pail on stage. He held it and told us to fill our bucket with patience, if patience is something that is hard for us. 

It got me thinking..when I was playing college Volleyball, I had to practice. Although,  I didn't have to learn the basics..I learned the basics when I was 11 years old..my dad taught me how to pass and set and hit the ball and boy, did I have to practice. I would serve the ball onto the roof until the sun went down; year after year. Hard work. Countless hours. Choosing to spend my time setting the ball over and over so it would become something natural for me. 

I was filling my bucket with Volleyball and eventually, it was a part of my life. I could walk on the court and play without too much thought. My muscles learned and adapted and performed. 

Right now, for me, it's self love. Speaking truth to myself about who I am and that I am valued. Receiving compliments well. 

Filling my bucket with self love. Taking care of my soul and my body. Combating lies that creep into my heart about low/not good enough self worth. 

What do you need to fill your bucket with? Focus on it. Fill your bucket up with whatever it is and keep doing it. Practice it and it will soon be a part of your life, I promise. 

As adults, I think we stop practicing and learning as much as we did when we were kids. My challenge to you is to start practicing. Just fill that bucket bit by bit and it will start flowing. 

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.  

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