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Welcome to my space. I write honestly about motherhood, finding joy, Jesus, not quite fitting in and embracing the mess. Grab a latte & let's skip the small talk. 


Chik-fil-a Diaries

I recently made a nook in my bedroom with a small table and a oversized cozy-chair. It’s the prime spot for writing and it was calling my name early this morning. I believe it with my whole heart that our kids need to us doing what we love. I’m in a little creative funk; ergo, the intentional creative spot. 

So here I am, doing what I love. I hope there is time to do what you love to do. If you don’t know what that is, I challenge you to sit with a journal and ask God to help you figure it out. I really think he cares about this stuff. 

I have believed that I can’t do one more thing on top of being a mom. It’s such a full-time gig that there is just NO way I can squeeze in something for me; especially not something “extra.” If there is more than a minute for me, I need to get my eyebrows weed whacked or something otherwise necessary. 

In a completely different vein, Chik-fil-a. 

It’s just not a bad place to be. Soft christmas music, cows?! and semi-healthy options. Waffle fries with dip, the mamas find rest at the seats closest to the play place, hunkering until someone screams or “someone said I was ugly.”

Ann was sitting in the prime booth for kid watching and I sat a bit too closely in the next; I moved in a bit on her prime real-estate. We met because we were sitting on top of one another and also because she mentioned her son and Van had the same white hair. 

Another mama joined the conversation. She sat with two older children and we all listened to Ann. 

“How old is your son now?” the sweet mama next to me asked of Ann. 

“He’s no longer here, neither is his wife.”  Ann spoke calmly. 

The children seemed to play quietly, as if they knew we had some listening to do. Ann spoke of her life simply. She endured much loss and pain.

What a gift that Ann was willing to share her story, but what hit me the most was what this other mama did before she left. 

She walked over to Ann and gave her the biggest hug. I was completely moved.

“My grandchildren are a gift to me, especially that one..” pointing to her sweet boy chasing Reese throughout the restaurant. (They came back with ice-cream cones,mints and little cups of mouthwash..whhhoops)

Two things left Chik-fila with me. (actually five if you include the three dips I stole).

That mama who opened her arms wide for a complete stranger. She hugged her so sweetly, so much love in her heart and arms. 

People are really, really good. 

Secondly, Ann's freedom. She wasn’t trying to be something or someone she wasn't. She’s hurt and she said it. She trusted us with her story and it was an absolute honor. I think of how often I suck it up and don’t share because I don’t want to burden others. It was SUCH a joy to hear her story. I will probably never see her again, but I will pray for her and she is a forever friend now. She was vulnerable and exactly honest with right where she was. 

She told her story with her whole heart. Brene Brown says that is how whole-hearted people live and she tells no lies, that Brene. 

Go live today. See others and be right where you are, no apologies. 

A hug is so damn beautiful sometimes. 

Cheers to living life.