Oh Hey.

Welcome to my space. I write honestly about motherhood, finding joy, Jesus, not quite fitting in and embracing the mess. Grab a latte & let's skip the small talk. 



Using the crumbling sponge on day-old dishes and feeling frustrated that the shit won't clean right off. Well, yeah. It would have had I done the, "pre-rinse," but there has been no pre-rinsing here. There has barely been a moment worthy of Instagram around here. 

You know those days you find yourself looking back on the weekend photos or even years ago, lol. Simply to remind yourself that YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT. YOU ARE MORE THAN THESE DIRTY DISHES! Now, throw the dishes and go do something with your life! Wait. No.

Whenever Drew is going to be gone for a few days, I start prepping myself to be a warrior. I polish up my "we can do this!" smile and imagine myself going in for battle. Sometimes I feel equipped but this time I feel a step behind. 

Celebrate smallness. I heard it loud and clear and stopped fighting the dishes. Holy crap, that's beautiful. I actually cursed and said "sh** that's good.."  

Emilie P. Freeman said it during a podcast interview with Heather of The God Centered Mom Podcast.  << Don't let the name fool you, this podcast gets real and it's legit (thanks Beth!)

Emilie said her counselor told her to "celebrate her smallness," and she was like "huh..weird?!"

People get celebrated when they do something absolutely fabulous. I have a picture in my mind of my brother completing his triathlon. Crossing the finish, we jumped for him and were SO PROUD.  

Emilie talked about how Jesus came into this world in a pretty small way. How he used and uses "small" people throughout History. How we strive to be significant by doing grand things. 

I listened and continued my dishes and thought about the smallness of the task. This applies to more than those dishes. Sometimes being a mama or working or being a spouse or going to the grocery store feels really small. Insignificant even. Is this it?! Almost like it really doesn't matter at all. 

My day today is pretty small. I most likely (God willing) will feed my kids three meals, play a bit, clean, make a phone call...catch Ellen at 4, hopefully. Pretty small. Celebrating smallness feels less like a "celebrate each moment," because NO...but more of a perspective shift. A viewpoint that we are small and that it's okay to be small. That we may only be Jesus to one other person or kiss two baby heads before turning in. We may feel stuck in a rut because we are doing small things all day everyday. But what if we celebrated it? That we saw it as something REALLY important. Well, because it is. Not because it's 100% enjoyable or the world says we are great;  it's worth celebrating because it's life and it's you and you are hear and that is the right place to be. This is it, celebrate it. It matters. 



"You're Broken, Mama"