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Welcome to my space. I write honestly about motherhood, finding joy, Jesus, not quite fitting in and embracing the mess. Grab a latte & let's skip the small talk. 


For My Boy

It's crazy how each little person changes you from the inside out. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Bringing children into the world was such a raw, shocking, unique, powerful, and scary experience. They come when you don't expect or don't come at all. They change your life, your world. They share your blood, or don't. No matter how or where or when, they are one of the absolute greatest things about life, amen?!

Reese's first year story is one of surrender and perseverance. I was a baby with a baby and I didn't think milk would actually fill my chest and my child would then suck it out. What the freaking heck, you guys?! We grew up her first year.  We fought hard and ended up crying instead because we hurt and it was so hard. That girl is a spark plug and will most likely run for President, God bless her and our nation. So much life and love and sass packed in to a tiny person, how can it be? 

Van, sweet Van. He came to lighten the mood a bit. To tell me to stop stressing out and ENJOY my kids and life and being a mama. He has been cruising along since day one, not fussing about much besides wanting to eat adult sized portions of food. He and sissy take on the world together and I am over the moon about it. Isn't it crazy when you get a glimpse of what God is doing to you and you go, "okay, okay God...you really do know whats up."

f course it hasn't been all butterflies. Is it ever? But, my goodness..it has been a sweet ride. 

So, here it is. A little poem for my little one year old who brings a smile to my heart and has softened me like melted butter. What a sweet, sweet boy. 


Van Dean. 

One year ago, you wailed into this world; red and early and male. 

Just a dream, now warm puffy cheeks and eyes that smile. 

Turning this mama heart soft with your wiggle.

You are love, just right for us. 

Thank you, sweet baby. 

We will laugh. 

We will sing and cry and adventure. 

We will do our best. 

We will fail. 

One year down, much joy spilling out. 

Little boy, you are our dreams. 




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