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Pursuing Peace

Pursuing Peace

I am a rusher, I get the kitchen sparkling at a superhero rate; forgetting often times to even rinse the dishes. I have known this about myself from day one. My parents called me their "hoppy girl" because I was constantly jumping around and hopping to the next place. Joy and excitement fills my heart most days. My energy for life is a little outlandish and often leaves me critical of my life or myself because of my high expectations. 

Fortunately, I have mostly accepted these traits. My intense, creative and bubbly self is kind of just who I am. I mentioned to a friend that I have often tried to pursue acting like an introvert because I fantasize them being much more interesting and intellectual. We laughed because being an over-the-top extrovert is something I can't escape. I'm a total spaz. I am the last person at the party and I like it that way. I crave deep, meaningful conversations from pretty much anyone I meet. I care deeply and long for connection. This does not, however, mean that I need to be frazzled and uprooted. 

I had a total stop me dead in my tracks moment a few months back. Babies were tucked, fed and bathed. Eyes barely open, I flopped Colgate haphazardly on my toothbrush. I sped through a one-minute cleaning like it was the final lap of a 800m race. I looked up and starred at myself, about to put my toothbrush down. Why am I rushing? I was going through the motions of teeth brushing, swishing, moving the bristles quickly and forcefully around my mouth so I could move on to the next thing. I stopped and looked at myself. This is not a way to live, rushing from one thing to the next. I want to brush my teeth slow and purposefully. I want to live my life rooted & Present. I want to see the beauty that is my life. I want to have time for things and people and myself. I want to be intentional and peaceful. 

I started over. I walked out of the bathroom and walked back in. I saw my bathroom, looked at myself and brushed for a thorough five minutes. My teeth are for sure happier, but this was not about my dental hygiene. Anxiety filled my heart and body, lacking much needed peace and it surfaced in my self care. Rushing to the next. This is the opposite of peace and presence and peace is what I desire.  So what now? How do I pursue peace? 

Here are 5 things I have been doing that help me tremendously. Most of them small, but each so meaningful. I really do think it's the little things. 

1. Candles. I'm serious, so cliche but light one every morning and night. It symbolizes serenity and enjoyment. Pick your favorite scent and put one in each room. Candles burn slow and mellow and you deserve to light one for just about any reason. My favorite right now is here 

2. Stretching. My husband is much better at this than me, but take some time when you wake up or before you sleep to stretch your muscles. This is communicating to your body that you are slowing down and taking care of it. Staying in each stretch for a few minutes will slow down your mind and uplift your heart. 

3. Take a bath. I have been bathing every day during nap time. Throw in a few drops of EO's or bath salts and turn off the lights. Bliss. 

4. Classical/Relaxing music. In the morning, late afternoon, put on a classical station on Pandora and feel your body immediately relax. The sound if it changed the mood of my home almost instantly. SO GOOD. 

5. Be honest. If you are carrying around any I should be doing ______ or I should be feeling ______. Let them go. Speak truth about who you are and what you are and are not capable of. Protect your schedule, know your limits, take care of your needs. Treat yourself like you would your best friend. This will ground you and steady you right where you are. 

I can think of 15 more, like simplifying and essential oils, but those are the 5 I'm using to pursue my most peaceful self. Let me know your ideas for peaceful living. 

Love to you! 


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