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The Importance of Connection

The Importance of Connection

Toner spread on cotton and moved across my jawline in my 1964 bathroom. Looking in the mirror for too long is a practice of mine as I speak truth about myself. "You are kind and you are brave." I utter as I study my skin thats living and my eyes vibrant and learning. Lotion disappearing on my hands that look older than the years before. Slow and connecting to this skin I'm in. 

Oh how sacred it is to be connected. 

I repeated the phrase, "this is my life" over and over again silently as I drove through the rain and watched my babies dance. I took in their scent and felt their fingers in-between mine, warm and buttery. 

Connecting to my life. 

I sit across from my life partner who has chosen me. I tell Him I don't really know 100% about this whole Jesus thing, but I am learning and growing and asking and reclaiming. Emptying my insides of anything that was spoon fed to me without my consent.  Ingesting and investigating what I actually think and believe. Connecting to my faith with the deepest part of me. Questioning and sitting in the unknown. 

I'm finding there are parts of me that need to be completely cut off and abandoned, while others need a bit of refining. I'm learning that being rooted deep in the truth of Jesus is right where I want to be. That I can live as a marvelous child of His, in wonder and security. That even if, He will meet me in the quiet of the night and remind me that He is God, that I am not and I can rest in Him. This understanding and connection of who I am in Jesus produces fearless love and acceptance of others and myself. It reminds me of someone who came from a solid family. They have a certain unshakable confidence about them because they just know who they are. Knowing you belong is the truth. It's the wild truth and it is setting me free every single moment. Your life, not a mistake. Our creator doesn't ever say, whoops. Our God is such a steady foundation, a reason to let go and live. 

I am HIS. The security and rootedness is delightful and scary and wild. I am reminded of that hymn, "I am his and he is mine." 

Get connected. Sink in deep and see the solid ground, recognize your worth. Discover the truth. Believe that you are here on purpose and ask God to show you. One of the cool things about believing in God is that you don't have to have it all sorted out, because HE DOES. He knows everything, what the heck. The world will teach us that we're to know it all. The world wants us to fight to be our own idol. Well, I'm here to say, you will fail yourself and you will fail everyone else too. I am a HUGE believer in accomplishment and succeeding, but at the end of the day, our life is a blip on the screen. 

Connect to your roots and bloom wildly. 

To HIM be the glory. 


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