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The Best Words

The Best Words

He stops me in my tracks on the regular. 

With his outlandish humor, sending my jaw to the ground, working my abs hard. He plays freely like a child with our babies and I stop to take a picture. He's silly and he's wild and I listen when he speaks. 

My bronzer brush doing it's magic at my mirror, we talked about the pressures women feel. Not to age, to always look "presentable." I laugh at how annoying it is to apply this shit. He affectionately nodded and stopped me once again with these words that have been imprinted on my heart since. 

"I don't really care how you look." 

Stunned laughter and a playful smack on his arm. "Of course you do, babe." 

He looked me square in the eyes, surpassing exterior, straight into the depths.

"You're wonderful, it doesn't matter how you look on the outside to me."

It was the greatest moment. Right there in the puny bathroom. The best thing he has ever said to me. He meant it and I felt it. Something I haven't believed my entire life, actually hearing for the first time. I felt like the scriptures I have read about Jesus looking at the heart were coming off the page. A full acceptance, a true love reflecting wonder. A lifetime of superficial compliments, losing rule. A confidence from the heart rising up. 

The truth starring me right there in the face. It doesn't matter. 

The clothes, the skin, shoes, hair, my body. It's all just a vessel, the way I am in this temporary world. 

Beauty is extraordinary, but just like anything else, can become a God. It can wrap you up in a box and carry you around at no mercy. 

I have never felt more beautiful in my life. In my jammies, raw and undone and emotional. A love that sees through the makeup and past the flaws and says yes. It's crazy that Jesus knew just what type of man I needed to marry. A man who would appreciate my mind and heart above all else. Someone who has seen me at my absolute ugliest. Watched me struggle with depression, make bad decisions, fall and get back up again.

I don't tell you this to make him sound perfect. He's far from it. However, his words were a message that I want to share with you too because they are also for you. Soak them into your polished or unpolished toes. Close your eyes and listen up. 

"I don't really care how you look." 

"You're wonderful, just as you are." 

Be free. Be right where you are. Bask in the glory and wonder of you. You are made in the image of a creative, loving, flawless savior. You are beyond. You are loved. You don't need to show me your perfect side, nobody has those. You don't need to be someone your not. You don't need to have it all together, nobody does. Be you and know that is quite glorious and that you are lovable in the mess of being you. 



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