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Yesterday, Drew was gone for the day and I had the babes and for some reason, I felt empty. My energy was low and I was craving some rest, solo rest. 

I had been running around making sure everything was clean and right for too long and I needed to give myself a break.



I escaped for a run as soon as my hubby graced the door. Basically started my run from the kitchen and didn’t stop for four miles. 

I turned to running. I felt all the things, I don’t know what this is for you. Running to a hip coffee shop to sit, sip and people watch?! Listening to a podcast on a walk by the beach? Journaling..Zumba. 

I sweat it out and let me tell you, after the run (and a quick browse through Savers); I felt like a new woman. 

It was a little drop of energy in my life bucket that was empty. 

So often I carry on without stopping for little moments of filling. These days, they almost have to be little considering the attention spans and intense, right-now needs of toddlers. A special coffee, buying a friend flowers, jotting down an encouraging quote, making special arrangements for a date night. 

You have to take care of your needs because, to be honest. No one else is going to (for the most part..). My husband is AMAZING as you guys know, I love him dearly. However, it is not HIS job to make sure I am emotionally balanced. He CANT read my mind, believe it or not so I have a job to do. I have to make sure I am okay and if I’m not, I need to tell him whats up and what I need. Believe me, this helps everyone out. Furthermore, your kids will NOT care about your emotional/physical wellness either. In fact, they seem to think the world begins and ends with their needs..so that’s another blog. 

I wonder where you turn in the midst of the stress? Are you living a life well balanced? 

In the junk, can you step out someplace to breath? Remind yourself of who you are. Write down words and values that connect with your soul and repeat them for the remainder of the day. 

Each day is a new chance to strengthen and to grow and most often, it’s mundane; however, one day, you will see the flower bloom vibrantly. Put in the hard work, keep toiling the soil. Those moments you told yourself you were enough and were a soft place to land for yourself will come into light and you won’t even know what hit you. I sometimes wish life was just the end of the marathon. The finish line is where it’s at..all the glory and all of the accomplishment is public. It’s a time to celebrate and be proud. The overgrown garden of blooms can be an inspiration to others, an absolute treasure. The finish line is a time where the world sees you as a victor. Most of the time is spent training and toiling the soul. Ah, and isn’t training and working the hardest?! I know how it feels to be training. There are a ton of drag yourself out of bed days, cramp days and just skip it days and speckled in there are AMAZING MOMENTS OF VICTORY! Ya feel me? 

Keep running, ladies. Keep working that soil. You will get there and you WILL be victorious, because guess what? Even if I don’t win the marathon or don’t even complete it, I did my best on that day, so it’s a victory. Even if the garden doesn’t do well, you worked hard and did your best. (Even if you forget to water because you took your kids to Disneyland instead. This is the best I’m talking about, people). 

Encourage yourself, be a soft place to land when you need a rest. I think if you do this for yourself, you will strengthen your ability to do it for others too. Don’t you want to be a gentle ear or encouraging hug for someone else? Start in your home. 

We’re packing our home, as some of you know and let me come out with it. Half of the boxes I pack say “etc.” 

It’s laughable, but let me explain. Okay, I have nothing to explain besides having two toddlers running around like wild monkey’s as I attempt organizing. 

Pack a box, skateboard around the block. Pack a box, have a picnic in the backyard. 


Put in the hard work paired it with celebration and rest. By all means, don’t forget to skip your “run” sometimes and order two cupcakes for yourself to indulge in..in your car. Just a hypothetical idea. 

Keep on running and resting, sisters. 

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