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Wisdom from Doctor Ted

Wisdom from Doctor Ted

He resembled a giant, snuggly teddy bear as he pulled the door back, revealing his bright sneakers. He calmly mumbled, "why don't we look at these together."

We came in close, our anxious little family as he went through the x-rays. "See that curve right there?" (Pointing to the screen), "I think that's a little something." 

Confirming Van indeed broke both of his wrist bones on his left arm, he looked me square in the face and said these beautiful words.

"Two things," He says as he scribbled a referral.  

"ONE. This is not your fault. Don't be hard on yourself." 

I honestly don't remember the second because the first sent my body flying towards his in hopes of a teddy bear embrace. Luckily, I stopped myself as he finished his diagnosis. He spoke grace over me right there in the exam room. 

This genius of a man knew mama needed to be free of guilt, that every time I look at my little bug in a cast, I don;t die a little inside because should have/could have/shouldn't haves . That I hurt for his hurt but chose to accept that this was an accident that could happen to anyone. 


It's simply a part of life, little boys fall down. It's almost easier for me to sit around and punish myself for Van falling down than to accept grace and freedom that it wasn't MY fault. In fact, it was no ones 

I want to wallow in misery and feel sorry for myself instead of moving on and accepting the truth that is grace. 

What do you need to let go of today? Take it from me and sweet Teddy Bear that life happens and a lot of the time, it isn't your fault..so be set free of guilt and set others free as well. 

Let's be gracious with each other and pour out the love. There is ENOUGH hate in this world to make one sick, but let's be the comfort, be the love and accept the grace given to us. 

I need to go and re-wrap Van's soft cast that he keeps unraveling..lol. 






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