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Love Lives Here

Love Lives Here

Our first house we bought sold it's first day on the market, sending us into a panic-excitement state. 

 We started packing and drove neighborhoods in our dream areas. 

We talked about how the beach is in us. We prayed and asked our mentors what we should do because the truth is, we still feel like kids most of the time.

We dreamed of the beach. Growing up walking distance to the ocean leaked some saltwater into my blood that I can't escape. The ocean is my place, it speaks to me and when I am near the water, I am home. 

You guys, those very streets we dreamed of host our new home. It's the most perfect blessing, I haven't really processed the goodness. 

We move in this week and I couldn't be more thrilled. Beach house posts and renovation pics coming soon. 

Before that though. The unpacking and the beach walks...we have been here. Nestled seamlessly into my parents home, the home I grew up in. It's been over a month now and let me tell you, I needed this. 

The coffee each morning in my old room, the jacuzzi Drew and I used to have "late night talks" in. My foundation was laid here and to be back makes me feel like I can breathe. The hustle is not here. Here I can be unconditionally loved and encouraged. My parents think the best of me and want the best for me and my family, they cheer us on. I can be myself here, known and accepted. 


This is a launching pad of love. They love you here and then send you out, supported and cherished. Never once have I felt an inconvenience, my kids never in the way. The toy messes and spaghetti floors are enjoyed and the house filled with laughter. It's freedom. 

It has reminded me to relax and enjoy my kids and my life. 

I will forever take this month with me as I go. I'll remember each night that my parents sung to my kids as they begged for just one more song. Papa is always an easy yes. How one morning I woke up to Reese snuggling my dad as they looked at pictures together. How mom blocks off the front yard with cones and balls for the kids to play. 

This place is safe and full of love, just what a home should be. 

Watching my parents with my kids, I got a little glimpse of the way I was raised. They believe in my kids and would do anything for them. The confidence this provides is world-changing. To be loved and supported is the sweetest gift. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting my chocolate lab shed on your rugs. Thanks for understanding when I'm tired. Thanks for moving my car for the street sweeper and for stopping your days to teach my babies about life. You love big and that is a life well lived. 

Much love. 



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