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We've Got Room -- A Call to Create Uninhibited

We've Got Room -- A Call to Create Uninhibited

My tired eyes find Spotify and browse excitedly through the "new releases" section. Folk, rap, country..get it. 

Alluring and particular. 

New music makes me euphoric and awake.

I really dig extras, a tended flower garden, cooking a divine meal just because. Creating something new and vibrant simply to celebrate life. I am reminded that our creator didn't have to make the ocean as vast as it is. Blue Whales, sunsets, human bodies. So much created to contribute to the beautiful cycle of life and some of it for our pure enjoyment. 

I browsed through James Vincent McMorrow and John Newman. 

Wow, so much new music. 

Oh my goodness. 

What if these musicians didn't produce music just because there are already so many other songs out there? 

What if they looked at the new music section and said, meh...forget it. Other people are already creating..so much out there..no need for MY creation. 

Well, here's the simple truth of it, folks. 

We NEED you to create. Whatever is in you, make it. For the world, for Jesus, for yourself. Don't stress about it, whatever naturally flows out of you..is a part of you, bring it into existence. 

There is room for you. 

For your contribution, for your unique creation. 

What lights you up? Creating music, writing, painting, cooking, gardening, speaking, inspiring, crafting, dancing. What do you like to bring into existence? 

There is room. Create away and know there is space for your contribution and there will always be space. 

Create in freedom, friends. I celebrate you and am cheering you on. 

J money 

who has been moving and without internet until yesterday! Badaaaabing, I'm back! 

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