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Peaceful Goal Setting

Peaceful Goal Setting

Setting personal goals has completely changed my life. 

I'm not talking get the grocery shopping done before tonight. (if you find yourself in this season, I salute you and completely get it and have been there. I lived 3 years this way because..babies and no sleep and PPD).

I'm talking long term goals. A few months ago, my husband challenged me to set some personal and career goals for myself. At first, I was a little offended and scared. How was I supposed to set goals for myself when I am SO tired and spent at the end of each day. There's no way have time for one more thing. I started by setting a few 3 month, 6 month and 12 month goals and it has honestly put a fire under me. Not a sense of hustle, but a sense of guidance and personal development. 

I am able to enjoy the slow mornings and simple moments with my kids MORE now because I have a sense of direction. I can be more present because I am less worried about losing myself and waisting time. I am taking care of my personal need to thrive, accomplish and dream. 

It wasn't always this way. I was stuck in a sort of Groundhog day mentality. This can happen to anyone, but I think especially to mamas with new babies. I lived one day at a time. I kinda of let life happen to me and wasn't too happy about it. (Looking back, I needed this time to just survive and not much else, I truly couldn't handle anything extra). Talking about the future almost upset me because it made me feel insecure and scared. 

Now, I don't know what this means in your stage of life. This may completely intimidate you. To that, I say..start small. Make a little goal for yourself that challenges you just a bit. Start there.jnnn It may be setting career goals within your company..it may be signing up for a marathon. It may be relationship goals, spiritual goals, whatever it is, I urge you..set them. It's crazy how it's actually freeing. 

I find myself more content with my life because I'm working towards my personal and professional goals. I have direction and can celebrate other people in their endeavors because I'm not jealous of them anymore; I am alongside them. So, no pressure. Set a few and make them happen, let it energize you. Yes, it's hard work but it will also make you feel so accomplished and driven and you never know what it will begin in you. 

Set some goals and let me know how it feels and how it changes your life. 

Happy Saturday, friends. 



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