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Welcome to my space. I write honestly about motherhood, finding joy, Jesus, not quite fitting in and embracing the mess. Grab a latte & let's skip the small talk. 


The Right to Live Your Life

The Right to Live Your Life

I'm a writer. I learn something, see something, do anything and I want to process it here. On paper, words stretched across a blank canvas. Creating something new, often discovering, always freeing and always lights my heart on fire. I have been back and forth with this, saying I'm not like her, therefore I'm not a writer. O my gosh, yes I am. I am simply because It flows naturally out of my soul and I must. I simply must. 

What lights you up?

What do you create? What do you see? Who are you? 

What's deep inside your bones that may be covered up with something that is not you. Maybe you're doing something that someone else told you to do. Maybe you are stuck doing something you used to love and it's time to find the next. Are you stuck? Are you tired? 

Good things can cover the deep desire of your heart. 

Sit down and close your eyes. What feels natural for you to create? You guys, the world is so loud. It has SO much to day about what you should be doing. 

What do you LOVE? What's lighting you up right now. What makes you feel connected to your life, to who you are. That's the gift you must give to the world, to you children, to yourself. 

Why not be a little wild and stop listening to what you are supposed to be doing. How you should look, what you should say. 

There's a fight between our souls and the voices. The what we should do is SO loud and so demanding, never satisfied. You depleted and exhausted is the only result of listening. Of course there are a few things we MUST do (i.e. brush and floss, which I happen to have a strong aversion). I'm talking about expression of self, freedom to be and do what lights you up, a right to live your life; lighting your soul on fire. We cannot do this if we don't know what lights us up. Some of us know but some of us have to make time to look. We must go and search. In the searching, we will fail...but you freaking tried and you learned so it will be worth it. Gold is right around the corner, I promise. 

Fear is so loud and can hold us captive in it's powerful grip. I urge you, be brave. Go and find your sweet spot. Maybe you need to make some space for this. Simplifying so you can have space to search and breathe. There is time for you. Make it and find it and live it, I give you permission. 

What's lighting your soul on fire? 




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