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Homemade People

Homemade People

My most treasured time is a walk around the block just before the sun shines our world brightly. It feels like it's just God, the earth and me. I speak up, listen, have a clear mind or beg for answers. Sometimes God just listens and others times reveals gold; there at my last turn, the morning sky is brighter than ever before and I am reminded, today there is hope and life. 

A few days ago, as I trotted the neighborhood in my Uggs, I reflected on a journal entry I have been writing. I drew a big heart and wrote all of the things that are close to my heart. You see, sometimes in this great, big, busy world, we can forget what really matters to us, what things, smells, moments, people, and attributes light us up and make us wild. We can start chasing or copying or forgetting. We can lose ourselves in the routine, comparing, or simply being tired. I will not let this happen. 

I envisioned the yarn that hangs in our office displaying art by my five and three-year-old. Each one pinned up on the line, each one unique. I was reminded that WE are homemade. What makes us "us" IS what is closest to our hearts. Our creator colored outside of the lines, he didn't make us in a factory. We are created with intention and love and a plan. We weren't created to be like anyone else. Homemade anything is just the best, ya feel me? 

What is closest to your heart? Not someone else's, yours. 

Jot down your loves today. Draw a big heart on the sidewalk and fill it with words and smells and things that light your fire. Keep it there and chose one thing to reignite right now. 

Drew and I were talking yesterday about the power of a choice. How literally in one day, you can chose something completely different. Isn't that empowering and a tad bit frightening? 

Go be your homemade self today. 

Feels Like Home To Me

Feels Like Home To Me