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Don't Miss This -- What I've Learned from Giving Up Social Media

Don't Miss This -- What I've Learned from Giving Up Social Media

I deleted Instagram off of my phone for lent. I realized my addiction when I couldn't go to the restroom alone. My innocent little phone was becoming my truest companion. It became a comfort to me, to scroll through and feel connected to people. However, I'm beginning to see the power of distraction and realize how much time I would waste mindlessly soaking in images. 

It's just an app! 

Isn't it funny that we can explain away what we want to do? We can defend our poor habits and our addictions and almost make them a positive, just so we can do what we want? 

Social Media was sending subtle messages of what the "ideal" is. Oh, how powerful imagery is.  On good days, my heart is filled with a true "good for them!" On the darker days when I'm hormonal, Drew's been working a lot, or my kids are driving me up the wall, it's not so much "good for them.." I start despising people who are living such good and beautiful lives.

Jealously makes it's way into my heart and I become dissatisfied with me. My life becomes less, not enough. On the bad days I'm careening down towards maybe I'm doing something wrong? What should I be doing? All to be left with a jealous, unsatisfied heart, longing for MORE than what I have. 

Now, I realize, social media is not doing this to me. This is a deeper issue of contentment and belonging (more on that journey later). I just don't think it helps. 

It's been a few weeks off and I can see my life more clearly. Without the need or urge to share what I'm doing at all times. It's like I don't have to ask for approval anymore. I'm starting to realize that just because something is "good" doesn't mean it should be. Instagram is good and fun, It just may not be the best for ME. 

Last Thursday, I went on a morning hike all by myself. The hawks overhead, lush greenery surrounding me, fresh air, I need more of THIS. 

I was able to focus on the God who created it all. The mountains were grandiose, the wildflowers, vigorous and vibrantly hued. My eyes widened by the majesty of it all. THIS is what I want to be spending more time doing. Less scrolling through, less comparing. More wonder and more connection with my actual family and our marvelous creator. I don't want to miss it. 

Love to you and yours. 




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