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Welcome to my space. I write honestly about motherhood, finding joy, Jesus, not quite fitting in and embracing the mess. Grab a latte & let's skip the small talk. 


Speak Life

Speak Life

Sitting outside, beverage in hand: I have a list of my favorite beverages, depending on the time of day. For real. This is my favorite place to be. Around 4:30pm, sitting out front on my favorite bench as the kids ride scooters. The indoor bench that I drag outside whenever the weather is good. (Yes, I have issues and I question my adulthood daily). 

Weeks ago, on a morning bench/beverage date, Drew and I were having a conversation infused with brilliance. You know those times when a convo is just magic. What a sacred thing. 

We talked about the books we were reading, I started to dream and clap my hands. He interrupted me. "My word for you is 'Inspiration.' You embody it, you live it and it bleeds out of your every day." Then he teared up and there was golden silence, as if we had to stop so that the goodness could sink deep into to the roots. 

See, I felt lost. My mind and soul and body wasn't in sync. They weren't communicating, I felt like a scrambled egg. Tossed around, forgetting where I belong. Then these words came out of him and I gained a renewed strength. he reminded me of who I am. Words have power, amen?

Our marriage is far from perfect. In fact, one day, I think God is going to use our gnarly times as an opportunity to love on other couples going through the storm. 

However, he knows me deeply, intimately, up and down and all around. Not a thing he doesn't know. What the heck, that's scary. 

It made me wonder if I am speaking life into those I know deeply. Words have SO much power. It reminded me of the desperation for truth telling and encouragement. 

Words are things we can give to people. I forget where I heard this, but..truth!

You guys, this life is hard. The world is broken and messy and altogether beautiful. Let's speak life into the dry bones of one another. I'm not talking "nice shirt!" however, I have had my DAY MADE by these superficial comments (this shows the desperation for intentional encouragement). 

Tell them. Tell your spouse the beauty you see in him or her. Speak words over one another. Have a friend who you want to be like? Tell them. Don't compete with them, this is not a competition. We need each other. We are NOT on opposite teams here, people. Lets start facing one another and speaking love instead of turning away. 

Let the love flow.

Shout out to Drewby for being my biggest fan, encourager, best friend and genius who tells the truth and also dreams HUGE. 




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