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Complete Grace

Complete Grace

A side hobby of mine is creating artistic things for people. For years now, people have entrusted me with projects beyond my imagination. It's been an absolute honor. 

EVERY time I get a new project I feel a bit like I'm going to pass out. What if I completely mess this up?

For my most recent project, I have been scripting metallic gold onto deep blue and rust orange authentic Moroccan tiles. Each time I lay my pen down, my hand shakes for a moment and I focus in: don't mess this up.

Well, as you can imagine, I did make a wrong mark. I messed up big and my body broke out in a sweat as I muttered and cursed that I would never, ever do anything like this ever again. Scrubbing frantically, I was doomed. Ink was in fact, permanent as it states. 

Until this. I grabbed my white eraser sponge that takes away permanent marker off my kids desks. I scrubbed gently and boom. Mess up gone. 

I jumped and peed a little and began again, this time, scripting with magnificent freedom and joy. I now have the secret if I mess up, my magic white sponge would completely forgive my errors. 

 Isn't this the blood of Jesus? 

He completely erases our mess ups and invites us to begin again. He tells us to go live and love radically, but maybe we get in the way? We worry too much about saying/doing/thinking the wrong or right thing that we don't live in freedom. Each day, each moment, we can actually chose to live without shame. There is freedom that our God will meet us in our mistakes, He will not be standing from afar judging us for our woopsies and leaving them permanent. He will cleanse, He will renew and He will invite us in, again and again. and yet again. 

What's crazy, is once I knew about the eraser, I took more risks. I developed a product that was vibrant and without hesitation. I created freely, openly and with joy. 

I want to live a life infiltrated with grace from a mighty God because I'm going to mess up. I don't want to tip toe around trying to live in a box, oh my goodness, Jesus DID NOT live in a box, ammiright? 

So this is wonderfully ironic timing. I began this blog post yesterday morning before I took my kiddos to swim. Reesie girl is a total fish and loves swimming, however...you would never know it judging from yesterday. Girl had a complete meltdown and guess what? I said something I shouldn't have. I was too harsh with her, I didn't open up my arms and really see her. I was too worried about what others thought. Then I remembered the sponge. Thank you Lord for your grace and forgiveness. Today, I can begin again..without shame, without having to prove. His arms are safe and warm and comforting. His love is not earned and for this I am alive and ready to begin again. 

Let's live in freedom today. His love is POURING out, let's soak it in. Let's let it in and let it change our lives. 


Learning all the things

Learning all the things