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Learning all the things

Learning all the things

Be the friend you want to have. I often hesitate to invite someone over because I don't want to be annoying or they are probably busy, and a million other protectors. I'm finding out that a simple invite/call/drop by/note is actually really easy, no fuss included. At the vert least, it makes your friend feel loved. Worth it. Make that call, go that extra mile for the people that you want by you. Don't wait for them to make the move. This sounds a bit forceful, and I think that's pretty good. 

Outdoor workouts are more nurturing for the soul. I cancelled my gym pass! I'm a bit fearful that I will be calling costumer service in about..1 day.. maybe I shouldn't tell all of you this? So I can sneak back. I have believed in the gym for years, working out under the bright lights since forever. I just wonder, is there a better way? A more holistic approach to loving on my body.

It looks about like this: drive oneself to nearby whimsy park with two crazy babies in tow. Maybe forget to wear workout clothes, jean shorts will be okay. Be free. Notice the air is fresh and wild. Let kids run and climb. Connect to the body that is yours, feel it, touch it, push it, thank it. I challenge myself with each push up; up and down, nice and controlled. Taking breaks to push the babies in the swings. (They are not babies but I will call them that forever and ever amen). Laying on my back and starring at the sky, placing my hand on my heart and feeling my heart thump, thump. I don't know where this will end up, but this feels like a better way. Bonus: be barefoot. 

There is no one way to do anything. I am an expert advice taker and giver. I love to ask questions and seek truth. At the end of the day, however, you and I have a unique take on things and that is a really beautiful gift. You don't have to do things the way everyone else does. Sometimes I think we may seek too much advice?? We maybe try to measure up to someone else's life or standard that we lose ourselves. Let's be critical thinkers, truth tellers and celebrators of individuality. Let's stay in our lane and let the other swimmers (lifers) stay in theirs. 

Don't cut bangs on a whim, or do. I really don't care. My point is, it really doesn't matter. Cut the bangs, sell the car, try out the job, take up the new hobby, watch tv. I feel like everyone is stressed (including me, not judging). I think we all need to take a big deep breathe and just do the thang. Relax, chill, no need to stress about _________ or _________. Seriously, it won't even change a thing, honay. 

Das it, and a million other things, but I no need to go overboard at 9pm when I should be catching up on work but miss throwing these blogs out into the world. 

Sending LOVE. 

What are you learning? Please share! 


Complete Grace

Complete Grace